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What is Pollen?

Pollen is a Southeast Asia content discovery platform. Publishers use Pollen to surface relevant content to their readers, be it sponsored content or in house content. Publishers also add a new revenue stream by offering these recommendations to high-quality third-party content on other sites.

Pollen shows your articles, products, and videos to the right readers in Southeast Asia, on some of the fastest growing publishers. These readers can then click and view your content on your site or on a micro-site.

Pollen recommends content from the web to users on all devices: desktop browsers, mobile app, as well as apps.

You can get the insights you need on your distributed content performance. Results-driven, simple, pay-per-click model.

Pollen lets you monetise your site by inviting your readers to discover high-quality sponsored content from Pollen's marketplace of publishers’ and brands’ content.

Easily customise your widget’s view: Pollen is available in a classic text view or the normal view. You are also in control on how many content you want to showcase in the widget.

Publishers Using Pollen To Drive Traffic Now


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This is demo widget that is currently running on Vulcan Post .

For Publishers

Benefits for joining the Pollen Network:

  1. Pollen is free to use.
  2. Instantly drive more click-through to your related articles.
  3. Dedicated Pollen team to help you pitch for advertorials from premium brands.
  4. Invitation to exclusive content industry events organized by Pollen for its publishers.
  5. A one-off free advertorial on Vulcan Post to promote your website. T&C Apply.
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For Advertisers

Benefits of advertising on Pollen Network:

  1. Dedicated account manager to advise and optimize for your advertising campaigns.
  2. Surface your content on some of the fastest growing media sites in Southeast Asia.
  3. Pollen has a higher-than-average click through rate.
  4. Translation services provided if you are looking to distribute your content in another languages.
  5. Surface your content in front of readers who are actively looking for something to read.
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